The Maggio Cheese Story

From The Cobblestones Of Old Italy To The Streets Of Philadelphia

The M. Maggio Company was started in 1916 by the Maggio brothers, Sicilian immigrants. The first Maggio cheese "factory" was located on a rented farm in Columbus, NJ. They operated their cheese business out of this location for several years before relocating to Philadelphia. After seven years and three moves later, the M. Maggio Company finally settled into operations at 9th and Montrose Streets in South Philadelphia. By this time, only one brother - Michael or "M. Maggio" - was left running the business.

In 1945, the Maggio factory was enlarged and modernized, and Michael's three sons, Mario, Peter, and Salvatore became responsible for the daily operation of the business.

By 1957, the Maggio Cheese business was booming due to consumer demand for Maggio's premium quality, "old world" tasting cheese. In order to give consumers the cheese they were looking for, the brothers moved the cheese factory down the street to a facility at 11th and Washington Streets in South Philadelphia. While the new facility was under construction, the brothers expanded their business to include fluid milk to ensure that a steady supply of milk for cheese making would be available.

Over the years, the Maggio Cheese business expanded the Philadelphia market to include parts of New Jersey, Central Pennsylvania and Baltimore. Today, Maggio Cheese is part of the HP Hood LLC family of brands, offering the same premium quality, great tasting, "old world" flavored Italian Cheese that consumers have come to know, love, and trust!

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